Charitable Giving Programme

Astronz is a Registered Charity

Our aim is to  

  • Promote and foster the science of Astronomy in New Zealand
  • Encourage and facilitate contact and collaboration among people interested in astronomy for their mutual benefit and the organisation of astronomical work
  • Cooperate with other organisations with objectives similar to the Auckland Astronomical Society.

Astronz is a registered charity owned by the Auckland Astronomical Society. Astronz was established on July 13th, 2000.

Astronz Charitable Activities

The Astronz financial support and grant programme is funded by profits from the sale of astronomical equipment. The grant programmes aims include:

  1. promoting astronomy
  2. furthering astronomy and science education and outreach
  3. supporting eligible astronomical and dark sky society activities

Astronz Support

To- date, our grant programme has supported Astronomical Societies’ events and initiatives throughout New Zealand.

Grants have enabled students and researchers to attend conferences and we have sponsored a number of international speakers to visit New Zealand.

We have also supported many community astronomical events.