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Green Laser Pointer (RESTRICTED ITEM)

Green Laser Pointer (RESTRICTED ITEM)

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Bright and easy to see green (532nm) laser pointer for Astronomy education use.


This product is in stock. Due to restrictions, these orders are processed manually.


If you would like to purchase this item, please complete the Registration of Interest Form, and one of the Astronz team will contact you to complete your purchase.


Designed for educating people about the position of night sky objects, the Astronz green laser pointer is made of high quality anodised aluminium and features a super convenient built in Lithium Ion battery which is charged using a standard MicroUSB charging cable.

Note that this is a High Powered Handheld Laser Pointer and has the potential to cause permanent blindness. IT IS NOT A TOY, and the sale and subsequent use of this item is restricted by New Zealand law.

In order to purchase a green laser pointer from Astronz, you must satisfy current regulations as an authorised recipient. We require you provide proof of this authorisation, proof of identity and a genuine reason for using it to Astronz at the time of purchase.  Please refer to the Ministry of Health website for further information on regulations.

If you are a member of an Astronomical Society, Astronz strongly recommends that you contact your local society before registering for or purchasing a laser pointer to see if they have any particular local guidelines or rules you need to follow. 

Astronz Laser Pointers are rated as CLASS IIIB and extreme care should be taken to avoid exposure to the beam. Direct or reflected exposure to the laser beam can result in permanent eye injury. Due to the manufacturing process, there may be some variability in the actual output of the laser pointers. Based on a locally undertaken test, the actual output may range between 60-100mW.

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