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Crayford 2" 10:1 Micro Focuser for Reflector

Crayford 2" 10:1 Micro Focuser for Reflector

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Crayford 2" 10:1 Micro Focuser for Reflector

The Newtonian Crayford design focuser gives a superior design over the standard rack and pinion focuser. Constructed of strong aluminum with a black anodized finish, the drawtube glides on 4 bearing wheels with 40mm travel, a built-in tension knob for adjusting the "feel" to match your preference to gives zero image shift and zero backlash, offer ultra smooth and finely adjustable. 

The friction can be adjusted with a large thumbscrew, a second thumbscrew can lock the focuser tightly in position. Features a 2" brass compression ring, adaptor from 2" to 1.25" with brass compression ring and 2" filter thread.

Ultra smooth focus motion with 10:1 Microfocus knob.

Has a load capacity up to 2.7kg. Base curve suits a 230mm (8" telescope) tube but can be packed for other size tubes.

Specifications (With Curved Base Plate):
 Minimum focuser height (with 1.25" adapter) = 83mm
 Maximum focuser height (with 1.25" adapter) = 123mm
 Minimum focuser height (without 1.25" adapter) = 73mm
 Maximum focuser height (without 1.25" adapter) = 113mm
 Tube travel = 40mm
 Drawtube outer diameter (cut-out in your telescope tube must exceed this) = 58.1mm
 Focuser weight (with 1.25" adapter) = 751gm

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