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iOptron CEM26 GoTo EQ Mount without Polarscope

iOptron CEM26 GoTo EQ Mount without Polarscope

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Introducing iOptron's latest CEM26 center-balance equatorial mounts, designed with portability in mind. Weighing only 4.5kg, this compact mount can support a 12kg payload, boasting an impressive 2.6 mount weight to payload ratio. The CEM design centers the mount and payload weight directly on the tripod's center, ensuring natural stability.

In addition to its natural stability, the CEM26 offers features for convenience and functionality, including a positive lock gear engagement system, built-in Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity, and recordable permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) to repeat optimal PEC training sessions. The mount also delivers precise pointing and accurate tracking, setting a new standard for compact equatorial mounts.

The center-balanced design features an adjustable counterweight bar to prevent obstruction with the tripod and enables quick and accessible polar alignment since the polar scope is unobstructed by the declination shaft.

The CEM26 also boasts the latest advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO technology, making it one of the most powerful and accurate GOTO mounts available, with a database of over 212,000+ objects. The Go2Nova® Hand Controller is user-friendly, with a large 4-line LCD screen simplifying the process of setting telescopes and locating objects.

The CEM26 is accompanied by a 1.5" heavy-duty stainless steel tripod, but note that a polar scope is not included.


  • Unique design, center-balanced equatorial mount (CEM) for maximum payload and minimum mount weight
  • Ideal for both visual observation and astrophotography
  • Low periodic error (< ± 10 arc seconds)
  • Payload of 12 kg with the mount-only weight of 4.5 kg
  • CNC machined and cast metal body
  • Spring loaded gear system
  • Large easy to use quick-lock gear clutches
  • Adjustable counterweight shaft for 0º latitude operation
  • Stepper motor with low power consumption
  • Go2Nova® 8409 controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO Technology
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguiding port
  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • USB port for firmware upgrade and computer control
  • Standard 1.5 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod (5kg)
  • Die-cast metal tripod spreader with accessory tray
  • Optional 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Optional iGuiderTM autoguiding system #3360


Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
12kg, excluding counterweight
Mount weight
Payload/Mount weight
Structure Material
All metal, Casting + CNC machined
Exterior Finish
Powder coating
Periodic error (PE)
<±10 arcsec
Yes, Permanent PEC
Worm period
600 sec
Right Ascension worm wheel
Φ88mm, 144 teeth aluminum
Declination worm wheel
Φ88mm, 144 teeth aluminum
Right Ascension axis shaft
Φ35mm steel
Declination axis shaft
Φ35mm steel
Right Ascension bearing
Φ55mm ball bearing
Declination bearing
Φ55mm ball bearing
Worm gears
Φ15.2mm, Brass
Motor drive
1.8º stepper motor, 128X microdivision
0.17 arc seconds
Synchronous belt
Latitude adjustment range
0º ~ 60º
Azimuth adjustment range
± 6º
Polar Scope Not included
Level indicator
Level bubble
Hand Controller
Go2Nova® 8409 with ~212,000 objects database
Slew speed
Power consumption
0.5A(Tracking), 0.8A(GOTO)
Power requirement
12V DC, 5A
AC adapter
100V ~ 240V (included)
Power-down memory
Communication port
Yes (Wi-Fi and USB)
Autoguide port
Yes (ST-4 compatible)
Firmware upgrade
PC computer control
Counterweight shaft
Φ20X306mm (M16), Stainless Steel
1.5" Stainless Steel (5kg)
Dovetail saddle
3.8" Vixen-style, centre adjustable
Hard case
Not Included
Optional external 32-channel GPS
Optional external iGuider 1
Operation temperature
-10ºC ~ 40ºC
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