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Newtonian Laser Collimator

Newtonian Laser Collimator

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Laser collimator for easy alignment of Dobsonian and Newtonian telescopes

The Newtonian laser collimator has a long 1.25" barrel and a machined rim for proper alignment. These very relevant parts of the laser's function are CNC machined. Has a 45° angled viewing port for easier viewing from the rear of the telescope.

It's very easy to use, simply insert the laser collimator into the 1.25" focuser or 2" focuser's 1.25" eyepieces adapter.

First adjust the secondary mirror so the red dot of the laser hits the center of the primary mirror then adjust the primary mirror so that the return red dot hits the target on the laser collimator. Check both the high and low focuser positions to make sure the red dot stays at the same place.

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