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QHY QFocuser

QHY QFocuser

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QFocuser comes in two versions: Standard Version and High Precision Version.

The Standard version is designed to be installed on the side of the standard adjustment axis of the telescope focusing mechanism. This is the same with most focusers available in the market. The High Precision version is installed on the other side — the precise adjustment axis of the telescope focusing mechanism.


Most electric focusers use a motor and reducing gears and once installed on the telescope manual focusing is not possible. However, the High Precision QFocuser is equipped with a non-reducing motor, allowing it to be manually adjusted even after installation on the telescope, without the need for a power connection or a clutch switch.


Another advantage of the QFocuser High Precision Version is that it allows the entire system to achieve almost zero backlash. Backlash calculations involve the entire focusing system, including the focus motor mount, not just the electronic focuser itself. Backlash will exist if there are mechanical gears in the focusing system. Since the High-precision QFocuser uses a non-reducing motor (i.e., no mechanical reduction gears) the added backlash from the motor is almost zero. Then, if a good focusing mount is used, the entire focusing system will operate with almost zero backlash. According to our test in NINA, with the backlash set to 0 in the Autofocus settings, the autofocus process runs smoothly.


Multiple Installation Options

QFocuser features several holes on its bottom and side, providing a variety of fixing methods. Unlike mounting plates with fixed holes, QFocuser adopts a flexible structure where the fixed hole position and mounting plate height can be freely adjusted to achieve the best compatibility with your telescope.


Software and Interface

QFocuser can be powered in two ways: TypeC-5V and 12V DC. Tbe USB 5V power is enough in most cases. Both the standard version and precision version support an external temperature sensor (included) for users who require temperature monitoring.

Additionally, a manual controller will be available as an optional accessory in the near future. This item allows direct operation of the electronic focuser without the need to connect it to a computer or touch the focuser.

Currently, QFocuser supports both Windows (with ASCOM drivers) and Linux systems. In the ASCOM driver, we have integrated basic functions such as move, custom current position, limit switches, torque maintenance, temperature display, etc. It can also be controlled through other third-party software.

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